10 Ways to Use Your News Releases in Addition to Generating News

Recent reports of the imminent death of the news release as an important source of information about your organization have been greatly exaggerated.

Actually, the news release is alive and well and holding its own as an effective public relations and marketing tool. It also remains an efficient means to keeping your company’s name and positive developments associated with it in front of the media — regardless of reporters’ and editors’ oft-stated disdain for such documents as a source of hard news.

Well crafted, informative news releases enable organizations to chronicle information for their own in-house use and to distribute such information to many important and appreciative audiences other than the media.

As the Internet continues to blur the line between public relations and marketing, the news release — when used effectively — remains an important means to maintaining your company’s bottom line as well as preserving its positive reputation.

Besides delivering newsworthy information to the media, here are 10 ways you can use, benefit from or otherwise squeeze mileage out of your company’s news releases.

1. The very act of gathering information then compiling it in a single document — a news release — that tells a story for the world to read, forces everyone involved in the release development process to agree what’s fact, jettison the fiction and prepare to stand behind the result.

2. News releases become part of your organization’s permanent record which can be referred to and applied for public relations, marketing, policy-making and many other operativi purposes. You can optimize certain press releases by linking them to an in-depth explanation of technical, scientific or other complicated or potentially confusing information.

3. News releases give you a convenient and appropriate means and reason to communicate with external audiences such as clients, community groups, vendors, contributors, shareholders and legislators.

4. News releases give you a means to inform and communicate with internal audiences including employees, directors and trustees.

5. A cogent, factual news release gives your sales force an effective and efficient tool to communicate with prospective clients and remain in touch with current customers.

6. Posting each new release on your company’s website strengthens the site’s informative value for Internet search engines in addition to providing new information for frequent site visitors.

7. You can post your releases on your company blog and get the information circulating quickly throughout the Internet.

8. You can use your releases to inform bloggers who track your company and your industry.

9. You can use news releases to inject information about your company into social media outlets such as Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and others.

10. Wherever your news releases appear or are quoted, you can direct your clients and other important constituencies to these media hits to leverage the publicity and marketing impact.

The key point is that by packaging important information about your company into news releases, you create a means to both preserve and disseminate that information. And when done properly and thoroughly, you strengthen your company’s positive reputation as well as its bottom line.