Best Japanese Kakebuton (KakeFuton) Quilt Comforter

A kakebuton (かけ布団) is a Japanese-style comforter or quilt. They are filled with cotton batting and usually include a removable, zippered cover made of either cloth or silk. Modern versions include an inner lining of synthetic material such as thinsulate for insulation and quick dry ability, which makes it easier to slip on and off the duvet without having to tuck the sides in every time.

Generally speaking…

But what exactly are the reasons why they are so awesome? Here’s my list of pros for using them year-round:

Great reason #1 : They are great for people who have really hot or cold sleepers! If you’re one of those people who can never get comfortable at night, then a kakebuton is for you.

One of the biggest downsides to sleeping with a duvet is that your sleep comfortability is directly correlated with your house temperature. If it’s chilly in the wintertime, having a few blankets on makes for a nice warm cocoon… but if it gets too hot during the summer months– ugh –it can be unbearable to have multiple sheets and blankets suspended above you while you’re trying to sleep.

With Japanese-style comforters, you will finally be able to reap both benefits without ever having to worry about flipping between different seasons, all thanks to their super thin material and insulation capabilities!

Japanese Oversized Kakebuton Quilt Comforter

For this article, we’ll be focusing on the Japanese kakebuton quilt comforters. What makes them so great? Chances are, you might already know! But if not, here are some points to consider:

Kakebuton are lightweight and easily rollable. You can take these comforters with you wherever you want to go –a friend’s house, a hotel room– without having to worry about your sleep comfort being compromised .

They’re also thin enough that they won’t be too warm for summertime use. The only thing that will make it hard to use in warmer months is if your home gets stuffy or hot during those days. If that’s the case, you might want to turn your thermostat lower or get an air conditioner rather than buying a Japanese kakebuton quilt comforter!

What is a Kakebuton (KakeFuton) Quilt Comforter?

A kakebuton is a blanket that can be easily rolled up. It’s thin, so you could roll it up and take it with you on your travels or even store it away if you don’t have much space. They are made by using layers of cloth to form the finished product; these layers are then sewn together into one piece, with any gaps in between filled out with cotton or other fillings to make them softer and warmer.

The materials used depend on the manufacturer but generally, they’re somewhere around 200-250 grams per square meter (about 8-10 oz per square yard). There are various different types available –summer types, winter type, winter quilt types– although all kakebutons share similar properties: they’re easy to transport and take up very little space, and can be folded and stored away when not in use. Since kakebutons tend to be used mainly as a decorative piece of furniture, the materials that go into them are often carefully selected for appearance as well as warmth.

Kakebuton comforters originate from Japan although similar products were produced in other countries such as Korea and China around this time too. They were first created using 2 layers of cloth to make the finished product; however, because this was rather heavy– approximately 300 grams per square meter (about 12 oz per square yard)– additional tools such as scissors and needles were required every time you wanted to fold it up again.

How to use a Kakebuton (KakeFuton) Quilt Comforter?

Kakebuton (KakeFuton) comforters are used by simply rolling them up. They can be rolled directly on to the top of your bed, or if you want to ward off the cold better while sleeping in winter, you can attach a cord for easier carrying around while outdoors (tatami mat). The best time of year to use Kakebutons is during the autumn and winter seasons; however, they can be used all year round.

How expensive are Kakebuton Quilt Comforters?

Typically, Kakebutons tend to range anywhere from about $100-$300+ depending on where you purchase them. Within Japan it’s usually not to find them cheaper than 100 $ USD, but you’re sure to find a good deal if you shop around the internet.

What are some benefits of using a Kakebuton / Tatami-mat Quilt Comforter?

Kakebutons provide warmth and comfort throughout the night because not only do they provide warmth via the comforters fluffy interior, but because your body heats up inside it retains that heat. Therefore keeping your body warm for hours after falling asleep. Not only is this great during the winter season, but also during late spring and early autumn months when temperatures remain chilly.