Slam Dunk Manga Profile For Tatsuhiko Aota

Tatsuhiko Aota happens for being the group captain from the Shohoku judo crew in the Slam Dunk Manga. He is a childhood crony in the Akagi siblings. One of several siblings was Takenori plus they continuously argue in a youthful age as to which sport was far better – judo or basketball.

And also up on the present, both equally even now carries on to argue regarding which crew might be declared the Nationwide Champion. At the time from the lifetime of Tatsuhiko, he made available Sakuragi to be involved in the judo crew simply because he uncovered the latter’s battling skills outstanding. Considering the fact that he was possessing a challenging time luring him to hitch, he bribed Sakuragi with a few pics of Haruko.

Slam Dunk Manga Character Profile:

Name: Tatsuhiko Aota

Year: Third

Voice Actor: Hideyuki Umezu

Team: Shohoku Judo Club
But nevertheless, he refused to simply becaus อ่านการ์ตูน e being a cause he basically loves basketball instead of judo. But In point of fact, it really is simply because he would be closer to her crush Haruko if he plays basketball. However, Tatsuhiko is just not going to surrender simply and Every so often he continued to try to lure him.

But Even with his incapacity to physically force Sakuragi into signing up for the judo group, Tatsuhiko has left very little to show on his judo abilities as he experienced by now established that. And to be a testament, he was the sole sole member of your staff to qualify for that Countrywide Championships.

Even so, He’s a delinquent student and has to beg for a chance to retake the Examination just after failing in the initial acquire. His crush with Haruko continues to be continuous considering the fact that they were being younger in the Slam Dunk Manga.